Please read through some of the many reviews we have received from our happy customers, and the press.

"Denner Cashmere offers great value", You Magazine, Mail on Sunday

" Excellent quality, the softest yarns and sumptuous colours epitomises Denner Cashmere. If anyone is lucky enough to own a piece, they will be guaranteed a garment that will become the pivot of their wardrobe." Sally-Ann Carroll, Fashion Editor, The Lady Magazine

" I now have a total of five of your sweaters in my cashmere collection, and in my view you are the absolute best" K Reeman, Surrey

" I looked for months for the exact gifts for my bridesmaids - everyone knows how picky a bride can be, but Lina was very patient and made sure I was satisfied with my purchase. Thank you for all your help." Brandy Brown, USA

" For three or four years my pullover has been constantly washed and put in the drier after heavy use. It amazes me that it is still soft and springy, and that it's never shrunk!" Chris Cooke, Furniture Restorer, London

" Thank you for recommending the lovely navy cardigan you did: it's very nice and just right. Delivery speed most impressive too!" Katie Lowe

" Thank you for such wonderful customer service!" Kathy Fornell

" May I say how impressed I am by your helpful and speedy service. To place an order one day and have it delivered the next is incredible!" P Hoyland, East Sussex

" I am delighted with the quality, the fit, and the finish is of the highest order" Robin Hughes, Wimbledon