How to take care of your Denner Cashmere

Cashmere yarn is a fine, soft, luxurious yarn, so it is important your garments are carefully taken care of, to ensure they last.

1. If a cashmere jumper is worn under an outer garment it is important to make sure the outer garment has a soft lining and that there are no objects in the inner pockets, as this may cause the cashmere to pill in small areas.

2. Keep your cashmere garments dust free by using a soft brush or a gentle shake.

3. Creases can be easily removed from garments using steam. If you do not have a steamer hanging the garment in the bathroom after a shower or bath will have a similar effect. Dry and re-shape the garment afterwards.

How to store your Denner Cashmere

1.Cashmere garments are prone to damage by moths. To prevent this it is important to dry the garment properly, fold flat and store it in a breathable bag. Do not hang the garment as this may damage its shape.

2. Store your cashmere in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

3. Using anti-moth sachets or cedar wood balls is strongly advised.

How to wash your Denner Cashmere

1. Follow the washing instructions provided with the garment. In general, normal 2 ply cashmere can be machine washed on a 30° delicates or wool program.  The 2 ply lightweight, 4 ply and 6 ply can be dry cleaned or hand washed. Pashmina shawls and scarves should be dry-cleaned, except where stated.

2. When hand washing, it is best to use a gentle washing liquid such as our 'NO RINSE' Cashmere shampoo!. Soak the garment in 30° water with the shampoo (follow the instructions provided with the shampoo). The garment can be gently spun afterwards to remove any excess water. Do not mix colours in the same wash.

3. Once the garment is washed and spun, pull the garment to shape and dry flat, avoiding direct sunlight.

4. You can press the garment using a steamer. Do not place the steamer directly on the garment it has to be kept 0.5-1cm above the garment. If you have a normal no steam iron, put a damp cloth or towel on top of the garment then iron it as normal.

Why cashmere garments pill

Some garments may pill a little to begin with; this depends on the dye, the knit and the way it has been worn. It is completely normal that this should happen because cashmere is such a soft, fine yarn; however it will improve after it has been washed a few times.