Cashmere Scarves & Snoods

Cashmere Scarves & Snoods
Our big knit cashmere scarves add a splash of colour to any outdoor outfit. Choose from our wide selection of colours to find the perfect match for your skin tone or favourite coat. These lightweight cashmere scarves also give you plenty of warmth, perfect for the colder months.
Oversized Scarf
£50.00   was £69.00
Knitted Scarf
£55.00   was £69.00
Ribbed Snood
£59.00   was £79.00
Big Knit Scarf
£65.00   was £85.00
Long Ribbed Snood
£65.00   was £85.00
Large Wool Scarf
£29.00   was £59.00
Woven Cashmere Scarf
£40.00   was £69.00